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December 8, 2021

🕓 3

AUD/USD surges after RBA decision

The Australian dollar rallied sharply from last week's lows, but it now faces a meaningful resistance.

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December 6, 2021


Bad news around Evergrande did not disappear

The problems around one of the biggest Chinese developer, Evergrande, have been around for a while. The situation does not seem to be improving, since the weekend statement of the company specified that there is "no guarantee" that the company can meet its debt obligations. This pushed the price of the company stock 12 % lower to 11-years low.

December 3, 2021


Interest rates hikes in 2023 in Europe?

While we have seen some independent central banks in Europe hiking interest rates for past few weeks, the European Central Bank has different approach. Klass Knot, president of Dutch central bank has stated that increase in interest rates cannot be ruled out for 2023.

December 2, 2021


Facebook lifts the cryptocurrency ads ban

Facebook, now Meta, has ended the ban for cryptocurrency ads. Many believe that this decision was made due to the introduction of Facebook into Metaverse, which is an ever-growing part of the cryptocurrency world. The ban was in place since January 2018, as a protection from ICO mania.

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Market Movers

American Dollars
December 8, 2021 🕓 3 min.

USD/CAD calm after Bank of Canada decision

The BoC decision has failed to induce volatility in the pair and it consolidated during the US session.

German flag with rate tables and graphs for economic development
December 7, 2021 🕓 3 min.

DAX remains above critical support

It looks like the recent sell-off in EU equities might be over as the DAX has managed to defend an important support.

Gold bars on nugget grains background
December 6, 2021 🕓 4 min.

XAU/USD statistical and technical analysis

If we see a global decline in the financial markets, gold could also fall in the first phase, as investors start to run for cash. Later, the price could rebound and rise. The current price of XAU/USD - Gold Spot US Dollar is 1 784 (December 05, 2021). Let’s now look at statistical and technical analyzes.

USA and Britain flags
December 3, 2021 🕓 3 min.

GBP/USD plunges to one-year lows after US, UK data

The greenback remained in an uptrend following today's job data.

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