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XAU/USD bars

XAU/USD statistical and technical analysis

Better than expected US retail sales data pushed the US dollar up. As a result, the price of precious metals has fallen. The current price of XAU/USD - Gold Spot US Dollar is 1 754 (September 18, 2021). This commodity is currently being traded again in an important area. Let’s now look at statistical and technical analyzes.

September 18, 20213 min read
XAU/USD example of bars

Gold shoots above 1,800 USD after US inflation data

Today's inflation data sent the bullion sharply higher, but will the short-term bullish momentum last?

September 14, 20213 min read

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XCU/USD example

XCU/USD statistical and technical analysis

The change in inventories in the London Metal Exchange (LME) warehouses is positive again after 3 weeks. If it further rises, the market price could continue its short-term decline. The current price of XCU/USD - Copper Spot US Dollar is 4.343 (September 13, 2021). Therefore, we will now look at statistical and technical analyzes.

September 13, 20213 min read
XAG/USD bars and coins

XAG/USD statistical and technical analysis

Yesterday’s Non-Farm Employment change disappointed market participants, causing major precious metals to move higher. The current price of XAG/USD - Silver Spot US Dollar is 24.69 (September 03, 2021). The price of a commodity is approaching an important level. We will therefore move on to statistical and technical analyzes.

September 4, 20213 min read
XAG/USD bars and coins

Silver awaits Non-farm payrolls around 24 USD

Today's data are of crucial important, how will silver react to them ?

September 3, 20213 min read
XAU/USD example of bars

How does gold and silver look after the dump?

Few weeks ago, we saw a major crash in the commodity markets, with gold and silver losing value significantly. Were these assets able to recover from the crash and where are they heading now?

September 2, 20212 min read

XPT/USD statistical and technical analysis

This commodity has been trading in an important area for the last month. The current price of XPT/USD – Platinum Spot US Dollar is 1 007.76 (August 27, 2021). Let us therefore now turn to statistical and technical analyzes.

August 28, 20213 min read
XAU/USD gold bars

Gold looks indecisive, drops back below 1,800 USD

Gold should be extremely volatile after Powell's Jackson Hole speech, but what are the important technical levels for the near future?

August 26, 20214 min read
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About commodities

About commodities

Commodities are an investment category that represents basic goods used in commerce that are interchangeable within other good of the same type. Some traditional types of commodities include gold, oil, natural gas, beef or grains. When trading commodities investors or traders usually distinguish 4 different types of categories. These are metal, energy, livestock and meat and agricultural commodities. It is important to bear in mind that commodities can be easily affected by supply and demand shocks, which can make these investments a bit riskier than others. Here in Investro, we will look at several different commodities mainly and their trading from technical and analytical point of view.


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