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December 3, 2021

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Bitcoin Friday: When can the next breakout be expected?

As always we will look today at Bitcoin, but we will mostly build on what we mentioned yesterday in our article about US indices.

Market Movers

December 2, 2021


Facebook lifts the cryptocurrency ads ban

Facebook, now Meta, has ended the ban for cryptocurrency ads. Many believe that this decision was made due to the introduction of Facebook into Metaverse, which is an ever-growing part of the cryptocurrency world. The ban was in place since January 2018, as a protection from ICO mania.

December 1, 2021


David Marcus is leaving Facebook

David Marcus, the head of cryptocurrency department at Facebook, now known as Meta, is leaving the company. He has decided to step down from his position after 7 years with Meta. During that time he helped with creation of a cryptocurrency wallet Novi, which has begun its pilot testing at the end of October.

November 23, 2021


Cardano and Tron to stop trading on eToro

One of the most popular trading platform, eToro, has announced today that it will delist Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) from its offering at the end of the year due to regulatory issues. More information about this news have not been published as of yet, but all services connected to these two cryptocurrencies on eToro are expected to be stopped.

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Market Movers

Bitcoin coin and shopping trolley
December 2, 2021 🕓 5 min.

November close not optimistic for Bitcoin - where does that leave us?

October was the most profitable month of this year and one of the best months in the last four years regarding Bitcoin returns. Almost 40 % increase during October was a great start to the previous quarter, and many expected the time has come for Bitcoin to break the 100 000 dollar barrier. But November made a stop to that.

Grizzly bear
November 26, 2021 🕓 3 min.

Bitcoin Friday: BTC still indecisive

Today is Friday, which means we will look at Bitcoin as always. We also decided to add a short analysis of altcoins. What is the overall sentiment in the market?

Dangers and risks of investing to bitcoin, speculation
November 20, 2021 🕓 3 min.

Bitcoin Friday: Which levels to follow and when it can all go wrong?

As per usual, we will be looking today at cryptocurrencies. Today´s analysis is critical since we are currently testing crucial levels where everything is on the table.

Golden coins with bitcoin symbol on a mainboard
November 18, 2021 🕓 4 min.

Bitcoin Taproot upgrade has been activated

Bitcoin has just undergone one of the most important upgrades in its history. Taproot is the most significant improvement of the Bitcoin network since SegWit in 2017. What does Taproot bring to the table?

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