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Celebrating ATH

Will Bitcoin break ATH this month?

The situation on Bitcoin continues to improve. Again, we can see that if the markets are calm, then Bitcoin tends to grow. With both classic and cryptocurrency markets being calm last week we are close to ATH level which can quite possibly be reached this month. Let us see what does the analysis say.

October 16, 20214 min read
Close look concept

Do you know how to distinguish a quality project from a possible scam?

It would be a great pity if you ran into a scammer just because you couldn't identify the clear red flags. Let's take a look at them.

October 13, 202126 min read

Top news

Angry bull

Bitcoin has broken through key levels. This is a great chance for the bull market to continue

This week can easily be described as a key one in terms of further Bitcoin development. The number one cryptocurrency overcame several important levels and, more importantly, managed to stay above them.

October 9, 20213 min read
Bitcoin bullish trend

Bitcoin holds a chance at becoming bullish!

Today, we will take a closer look at the current situation on Bitcoin from several points of view. Altcoins and S&P500 will be briefly mentioned too.

October 1, 20213 min read
Bitcoin downtrend chart

Bitcoin is still falling. What to expect now?

This week was marked by a decline in cryptocurrencies. The first decline came on Monday due to the Chinese company Evergrande, which led to a decline not only in cryptocurrencies but in world markets in general. Today, bad news came again from China regarding the legality of transactions.

September 25, 20213 min read
Bitcoin trapped with chains

Bitcoin a week after the significant drop

Today we will look again at Bitcoin and the market as a whole. It has been a week since we have witnessed a drop. So what is the current situation and has anything changed?

September 17, 20213 min read
El Salvador flag draped over a Bitcoin cryptocurrency coin

El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as the country's official currency

The Salvadoran government became the first to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender at the same level as the dollar. What´s next?

September 14, 20216 min read
Bitcoin and charts image

Bitcoin Friday: Technical Analysis

This week, we have finally witnessed the slump on the market. Which is something which I have been expecting to happen for quite a while.

September 10, 20213 min read
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About crypto

About cryptocurrencies

By far the youngest asset class in the world. The growing interest surrounding the cryptocurrency world is not only hype or buzzword anymore. Cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies usually using blockchain technology and are defined by the ideology of decentralization and the use of cryptography, are gaining huge amount of attention especially within retail investors. This is due to the fact that this sector is yet to be properly regulated, which scares of most of the institutional investors and money managers. However, this asset class has a lot to offer, with weekly and monthly returns often way above other investment classes. This is one of the reasons, why Investro will not only pay close attention to the world of Bitcoin and altcoins, but also offer educational articles about cryptocurrencies.


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