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dow jones technical analysis

Is DOW JONES losing its strength? What can this mean for indices in general?

The Dow Jones is one of the key indices of the world economy. Together with the SP 500 or NASDAQ, it is one of the most important indices also in the trading world. However, the last week does not look very good for this index. Because compared to the rest of the market, DOW JONES is starting to lose ground.

September 16, 20213 min read
AUD/USD exchange rate

AUD/USD slides after miserable employment data

The short-term outlook does not look so good as the Aussie is testing some serious support levels.

September 16, 20213 min read

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EUR/GBP Forex pair chart

EUR/GBP unimpressed by UK inflation data

Inflation rocketed higher in the UK, but the Pound failed to capitalize on it as the cross remains in a sideways trading regime.

September 15, 20214 min read
AUD/USD exchange rate

AUD/USD statistical and technical analysis

Today’s words from the RBA governor didn’t support the currency. Lowe doesn’t see a rate hike before 2024. The current price of the AUD/USD exchange rate is 0.7318 (September 14, 2021). In August, it rebounded from an important zone. We will therefore move on to statistical and technical analyzes.

September 14, 20214 min read
EUR/JPY news

EUR/JPY defends 50-day average ahead of Lagarde speech

Friday's decline stopped at the 50-day moving average, but will the support hold?

September 13, 20213 min read
GBP/USD exchange rate

GBP/USD tests September highs despite huge GDP miss

GDP data failed to meet estimates, yet the GBP/USD pair is stronger. Is the falling USD going to dominate in the near-term?

September 10, 20213 min read
EURUSD exchange rate

EUR/USD stable after ECB decision

The ECB met expectations today, keeping the bullish bias in the EUR/USD pair valid.

September 9, 20213 min read
NZD/USD exchange rate

NZD/USD statistical and technical analysis

Today, the GDT Price Index was released, which is an important economic indicator for New Zealand, as rising prices increase the country’s export income. The current price of the NZD/USD exchange rate is 0.7105 (September 07, 2021). This pair has dynamical rebounded upwards. Let’s look at statistical and technical analyzes.

September 7, 20213 min read
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About forex

About Forex

The foreign exchange, also known as forex or FX, is a global market that serves the purpose of exchanging (trading) national currencies against one another (such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY or USD/CAD). There are many reasons, why individuals and business would want to trade their currency for other currency with examples of commerce, finance or hedging purposes. The vast variety of options that FX trading offers is one of the reasons why the FX market is the most liquid and largest of all trading markets. Within Investro, our goal is to help our readers see how the most liquid and traded pairs such as those mentioned above are being traded and affected by different global macroeconomic events.


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