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28 July, 14:30

Asian Shares Mostly Lower

Asian stocks fell broadly on Wednesday amid worries that Beijing's regulation of its tech firms and online education industries may spread to other industries. The downside remained limited after U.S. megacap technology companies.



25 July, 14:20

Amazon eyeing crypto implementation in 2022

We informed about possible cryptocurrency integration by Amazon only yesterday. Yet, more new information have emerged today. They specify that Amazon is planning to integrate cryptocurrencies in 2022, with more news to be released soon.

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Technical analysis - candles

Technical Analysis of Stock Indices

Last week we gave you a brief introduction to commodities and today we would like to continue in a similar way but with stock indices. Namely, it will be the S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

StocksJuly 1, 20213 min read
AMC and GME market CAP

AMC – the MEME opportunity once again

We can say that the meme "investors and traders" agreed on the Reddit again and, together with some other speculators, had significantly long options or classic positions open.

StocksJune 3, 20216 min read

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XPEL price chart

XPEL – Statistics say: short term opportunity is here

XPEL Inc is a provider of protective films and coatings, including automotive paint protection film, surface protection film, automotive and commercial/residential window films, and ceramic coatings.

StocksMay 26, 20214 min read
W.Buffett market indicator

Is the COVID-19 crisis in the US over?

In this article, we will summarize some facts that monitor the development of the US economy and whether it is reaching pre-pandemic levels. So far, we can say that the fiscal and monetary stimulus discussed in the previous article was probably sufficient to revive the US economy. Of course, along with crucial vaccination.

StocksMay 7, 20214 min read
Twitter price chart

Twitter Falls On Slow User Growth – Worsened Outlook

Twitter shares are falling sharply after the announcement of the results from the first quarter of 2021. Although it may not be a shot, the price reacts. Twitter managed to beat revenue estimates and EPS.

StocksMay 2, 20214 min read
GME chart

GAMESTOP – Insane market

I think that almost everyone in the investment or trading world has heard about short squeeze and gamma squeeze, which occurred at "Reddit" stocks such as GME, AMC, KOSS, BB, etc.

StocksApril 27, 20215 min read
IMF real GDP projection

The recovery of the US economy will be more significant than in the EU

In today's article, we will explain the differences between aid in the US and the EU and what the current predictions in the US and the EU look like, who has benefited more from it, and who will grow faster. The recovery in the American economy is outstanding, and the European economy is a little bit worse.

StocksApril 14, 20214 min read
DAX daily extremes.

DAX - Extremes bring the opportunity

Germany is recovering despite a tighter lockdown during 2021. Besides, the threat of rising bond yields and thus worsened financing and bond devaluation have been partially offset by the ECB.

StocksApril 6, 20213 min read
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About stocks

About stocks

Stocks, also known as equities, is another investment category that represents ownership of a fraction of a corporation. These are mostly bought and sold on stock exchanges and they are one of the best known and used trading and investing instruments. Stocks have generally outperformed most of other financial investment classes. However, with higher returns investors should also expect higher risk. These are generally risks connected to significant competition within the sector, risk of default of the underlying company or risks connected to macroeconomic events. The role of Investro within stock trading will be not only to try to help with mitigating these risks, but also looking at various opportunities that can emerge from this asset class.


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