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December 7, 2021

🕓 3

DAX remains above critical support

It looks like the recent sell-off in EU equities might be over as the DAX has managed to defend an important support.

Market Movers

December 6, 2021


Bad news around Evergrande did not disappear

The problems around one of the biggest Chinese developer, Evergrande, have been around for a while. The situation does not seem to be improving, since the weekend statement of the company specified that there is "no guarantee" that the company can meet its debt obligations. This pushed the price of the company stock 12 % lower to 11-years low.

December 2, 2021


Square changes name to Block

Square, company whose CEO is Jack Dorsey, is changing name to Block. This move was apparently done to connect all the different services and products that Square offers, As of now, Block should represent not only Square, but also other projects like CashApp or Tidal.

November 29, 2021


Jack Dorsey is stepping down as CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, founder and a current CEO of social media platform Twitter, has announced that he plans to step down from this position. This news was met with more than a 10 % rally of the share price of Twitter. The exact date as well as the replacement of Jack Dorsey has not been announced as of now.

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Market Movers

United States economic downturn with stock exchange market
December 2, 2021 🕓 4 min.

Why are US indices dropping?

Indices have been dropping down for a few days now. And it does not look like they are about to stop. Why is this happening and what can we expect in the last month of this year?

Trader analyzing data and chart falling due to the corona crisis
November 30, 2021 🕓 3 min.

DAX at two-month lows amid Omicron fears

The bloodbath continued today and EU bourses were trading notably weaker during the London session.

Google Amazon and social media network Facebook icons
November 26, 2021 🕓 3 min.

Technical analysis of Facebook and Amazon stocks

This article will provide a short technical analysis of the stocks of two technology giants – Facebook and Amazon. What do their charts look like?

Home to the London Stock Exchange Group
November 26, 2021 🕓 3 min.

FTSE 100 collapses 3% as new COVID strain appears (again)

Today's massive bearish action brought bulls to their knees, sending equity indices to multi-month lows.

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